Our Mission is to Preemptively
Eradicate Cyber Threats in
Our Connected Future

About ArcusTeam

ArcusTeam was founded by a team of experienced cyber intrusion professionals. Our expertise in preemptive monitoring and post-attack eradication evolved into our unique attack surface management solution for connected devices, DeviceTotal.

Based on our proprietary and advanced technology, this unique, centralized and unbiased attack surface management SaaS solution gives you full visibility into all your devices while continuously predicting, identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and mitigating any potential cyber threats from your connected devices.

By providing you with an additional layer of cyber security, DeviceTotal enables you to be proactive, and not reactive, about your attack surface and the security of your connected devices, and to identify threats BEFORE they reach your current and future networks.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become the leading global, embedded and deployed attack surface management solution for connected devices.

Our mission is to preemptively eradicate cyber threats towards a better connected future.

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Carmit Yadin

Founder & CEO

Cyber visionary who has spent the past decade working with leading high-tech companies in the cyber industry and uses her past experience as a CISO to best serve and understand the needs of ArcusTeam clients. Seasoned expert in business and marketing in relation to the world of technology.

Eyal Agmoni

Chairman Chartered Group and ArcusTeam Director

Global private equity investor, invested in dozens of portfolio companies globally. Eyal’s experience is in building businesses and effective execution in cultivating long-term business partnerships with global industry players, as well as global reach for M&A exits.

Our Investors