Protect your Enterprise from Threats by Automatically Monitoring your ATTACK Surface FOR CONNECTED DEVICES

Enterprises like yours are becoming increasingly reliant on connected devices. All of these connected devices and their firmware and software act as open doors for cyber attacks – leading to an ever-evolving attack surface that’s difficult to manage and control.

As a result, your CISOs and security teams are dealing with multiple challenges as they try to manage an ever-evolving attack surface and protect your organization from cyber attacks.


Multiple tools are required to manage your attack surface and prevent security issues from different types of connected devices.

Current attack surface and vulnerability management solutions cannot identify zero-day vulnerabilities. 

Lack of clarity and prioritization  about which vulnerabilities and threats pose real risk to your business and critical assets.

Manual threat mitigation  involving the need to review exhausting lists of vulnerabilities.

Reactive  market solutions only identify attacks after an attacker infiltrates your enterprise network.  

How Can DeviceTotal Help you Stay on Top of this Evolving Threat?

DeviceTotal by ArcusTeam is a complete attack surface management platform for connected devices that evolves faster than the everchanging cyber risks that threaten your network. Based on our proprietary and advanced technology, it enables you to get ahead of those threats, giving you full visibility into your attack surface and connected devices, together with their firmware and software, while continuously predicting, identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and mitigating any potential cyber threats – before they threaten your connected networks.


No need to rely solely on vendor security for attack surface management and connected device security


Protect your network against both known and unknown vulnerabilities

Accurate Risk Analysis & Prioritization

Prevent truly critical device vulnerabilities from slipping between the cracks


For all found vulnerabilities on your connected devices

Benefit from Automated Device Security in 4 Simple Steps


Identify all connected devices in your network, together with their location, hardware, firmware, and software components.


Discover all known and unknown vulnerabilities for every connected device and its components, including risk score, and status.


Access clear security recommendations, including recommended firmware updates and security patches.


Prioritize response based on business context, risk level, impact, and more, and monitor the effect of your actions continuously.

Key Features


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Effortless Deployment

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What’s in it for You?


Knowledge is Power
Gain invaluable insight into new and potential zero-day vulnerabilities, including brand-new threats and attack patterns.


Every Second Counts
Transform your manual attack surface management processes into automated ones and reduce your vulnerability workload by as much as 70%!


A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned Benefit from a predictive, agentless solution that incurs zero installation costs and helps you save on resources almost immediately.

Manage your Attack Surface on 3 Different Levels

Device Level

Dive into each individual device’s most pressing vulnerabilities and actionable insights you can use to remediate them, and see how each device impacts the site it is located in and your organization as a whole.

Site Level

Get full control over the security of your organization’s sites. Manage your attack surface by gaining security insights into each individual site; including the breakdown of vulnerabilities in that site, the site’s contribution to the organization’s overall risk level, and actionable insights for remediation.

Organization Level

In one clear view, you can get complete control over the security of your organization. Using consistently updated charts of top vulnerable sites and devices in your enterprise, your security teams can get to work on the most pressing matters and protect your organization from attack.

The Technology Behind DeviceTotal

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