Attack Surface Management for Connected Devices

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Did you know that 57% of connected devices are currently vulnerable to medium- or high-severity attacks?

With a growing need to connect everything from everywhere, our reliance on connected devices continues to increase all the time.
This has led to an ever-increasing number of security risks from device firmware and software that are often overlooked – especially for enterprises that continue to expand their digital footprint at an accelerated pace. Add the security industry’s talent shortage to the mix, and it’s no surprise how challenging effective enterprise device security and threat management has become.

To stay on top of this evolving threat, you can’t rely on vendor security alone. You need a proactive approach to end-to-end attack surface management that protects against both known and potential zero-day vulnerabilities.

Protect your Enterprise from Threats by Automatically Monitoring & Securing your Attack Surface

DeviceTotal by ArcusTeam enables you to be proactive, and not reactive, about your enterprise device security. Based on our proprietary and advanced technology, it gives you full visibility into all your device firmware and software, while continuously predicting, identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and mitigating any potential cyber threats – BEFORE they threaten your current and future connected networks.

Secure your Enterprise from Threats you Didn’t Even Know it’s Exposed to


Manage one single unbiased platform and monitor your whole attack surface from anywhere in the world.


Benefit from zero-intrusion, with no need for hardware or software installation and no network scanning.


Access complete device visibility, including BOM for device software and components.


Gain insight into new device vulnerabilities, including brand-new threats and attack patterns.


Continuously identify exploitable vulnerabilities on each device with no false positives.



Analyze cyber-threats in relation to your business operations, with an accurate risk-level down to a single device.



Reduce your attack surface management workload by 70%, and stop worrying about the skills gap.

Benefit from Automated ENTERPRISE Device Security in 4 Simple Steps


Identify all connected devices in your network, together with their location, hardware, firmware, software, and BOM list of components.



Discover all known and unknown vulnerabilities for every connected device and its components, including risk score, and status.



Access clear security recommendations, including recommended firmware updates and security patches.



Prioritize response based on business context, risk level, impact, and more, and monitor the effect of your actions continuously.

Tailored to Meet the Unique ENTERPRISE DEVICE SECURITY Challenges of your Use Cases


Financial Institutions & banks are a prime target for cybercriminals. With digital banking opening up new attack vendors, you need a comprehensive attack surface management solution to protect your attack surface.


If banks attract bad actors with money, insurance providers entice them with data. In order to securely manage sensitive and identifiable personal information, insurance agencies need full visibility into their ever-changing attack surface.


Information is a magnet for cyber criminals, making both the actual products in the IT industry and service organizations key targets. IT professionals need an automated solution for securing their attack surface and reducing risk - before they impact a system.

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